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commercial real estate forecast for 2023.

LET’S TALK REAL ESTATE: Tauro Capital Advisors

Barry Saywitz, President of the Saywitz Company and host of OC Talk Radio’s “Let’s Talk Real Estate,” sits down with Stephen Stein, Co-founder and President of Tauro Capital Advisors. Both professionals discuss the current capital markets environment in connection to commercial real estate, as well as forecasting what will occur in the first quarter of …

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2 Minutes – Impact of Financial Crisis and Coronavirus

Deryl Deese, one of Tauro’s Capital Advisors, analyzes how both the financial crisis and COVID-19 pandemic affected commercial real estate. During Q1 of 2007, every sector was tremendously impacted by the financial crisis. The hospitality sector was struck the hardest. The thin silver living was that everyone was bullish on commercial real estate although the …

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2 Minutes – Software

Jack Carroll, Tauro’s Managing Director of Analytics, references an older editorial by Wall Street Journal’s very own Mark Anderson who prophesizes how software will eventually and now definitely has dominated the economy. Success stories such as electronic trading platforms and blockchain technology have proven how software has mobilized resources to cut out middlemen such as …

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2 Minutes – Empathy

Paul Davidovac, one of Tauro’s distinguished Capital Advisors, dissects Daniel H. Pink’s novel “A Whole New Mind”, and explains how information saturation has influenced the commercial real estate industry especially during the last ten years. “Buyer beware” has now evolved to “seller beware” as the buyer has now become so overwhelmed with information. Capital Advisors …

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