CMBS, Construction Lending Slows

Globe Street Sept 2021 Forum with Tauro Capital Advisors

There does not seem to be a single thing on this planet that has not been touched by the pandemic’s malevolent grip. With commercial lending being no exception to this, CMBS and construction loans are the two most affected loan-types being seen during this pandemic. Stephen Stein, President and Co-Founder at Tauro Capital Advisors claims that as the hospitality industry has taken a huge slam during the pandemic, the CMBS lending market has as well. 

On the contrary, where one person sees failure, another sees opportunity. Tauro advisors, Matt Bucaro and Matt Ingle, have secured funding for two retail centers amid the pandemic. With banks looking to make as much of their money back that was lost during the pandemic, they are looking to give people less favorable deals and that is where a financial intermediary, such as Tauro comes in.