NNN Construction Deals Still Get Attention from Lenders

Globe Street Sept 2021 Forum with Tauro Capital Advisors

            Tauro Capital Advisors brings a unique set of skills to the table which in turn, gives them an edge in every aspect of commercial real estate financing. Director and Capital Advisor at Tauro, Tony Festa alludes to the confidence the Tauro has in the company’s advisors and how this has helped them become one of the most competitive financial intermediaries in the country since the company’s founding in 2017. Also, with up to three lender presentations a week, the advisors stay sharp on what terms are out there while continuously building relationships with financial providers. With the pandemic showing its teeth, Tauro’s advisors didn’t shy away, securing millions of dollars in financing across multiple different properties and portfolios. As Festa continues on, he delves into specifically NNN construction loans.