Value-Add Acquisition: Eagle’s Nest

South Central, US


Funding Purpose

Tauro Capital Advisors was hired to supply a high leverage funding solution under a tight timeline.

Property Description

The 48-unit property consists of eight buildings which will include amenities such as a dog park, covered picnic area, and a grilling station.


The sponsor is a high net worth, high liquidity investment group with 20+ years of experience in multifamily and storage acquisition value-add, property management, capital raising and appraising.


  • Borrower required maximum loan proceeds
  • Current market conditions constrained loan amount and increased pricing
  • Tertiary Market


  • Tauro sourced a debt partner who supplied 80% of the purchase price.
  • Our capital partner closed in nine calednar days.


  • Loan amount: $5,768,000
  • Interest Rate: 9.5% Fixed
  • Term: 3-month loan extension option for 1 point


Director  | Capital Advisor