In thePress

Tauro Capital in the news

Tauro Capital Advisors, Inc. has been featured in a variety of different and prominent publications since its inception. From major newspapers, periodicals and journals like The Los Angeles Business Journal, Commercial Property Observer, Globe Street Forum, Commercial Property Executive and local newspapers to name a few, Tauro is consistently sited as a source for various articles on commercial real estate. 

Tauro’s growth is paralleled with the increased publicity seen over its lifetime. Major milestones have been immortalized through the press including opening of new offices, additions to the Bullpen and innovation such as the suite of TauroAdvisor publications.  

The Tauro team is most proud of its successes for clients that have been reported in these publications such as Tauro’s debt and equity sourcing for Ghost Kitchens, the numerous developers that 100% financing has significantly increased their pipeline of new developments and clients whose cash-out refinance proceeds have funded medical needs, unforeseen capital events and other life happenings. 

Click through these features to see why Tauro is redefining capital markets.