Don’t be afraid: What the ghost kitchen trend could mean for real estate investors

What The Ghost Kitchen Trend Could Mean For Real Estate Investors. Tauro Capital can help!

Managing Director and Capital Advisor, Tauro’s own Matt Bucaro innovatively explored the mysterious world of ghost kitchens and tapped into their true earning potential in the commercial real estate lending realm. 

A ghost kitchen, or as Bucaro explains, is a restaurant that does not serve food directly to customers rather is primarily used as a hub for food delivery apps. With an exponentially expanding market value, ghost kitchens are looking like the way of the future of the restaurant industry, with an estimated $1 trillion global opportunity by 2030. 

With the structure of the restaurant industry ever strained by the COVID-19 pandemic’s encouraged food delivery services, ghost kitchens are on the rise, capitalizing on the still somewhat untapped market of food delivery hubs.