How COVID-19 are impacting lending, pending transactions, and future business

Steve Gets Interviewed

The principals of Tauro Capital Advisors, Inc. have more than 60 years of combined experience in commercial real estate and finance. Co-Founder and President, Stephen Stein, has arranged over $3 billion of investment sales and financing during his 30-year career helping clients source capital for all types of assets. In this video, Stephen speaks on how COVID-19 impacts lending, pending transactions, and future business.

Stephen mentions that the lending world in the past few weeks has been a “teeter-totter.” A few weeks ago, it was at the 10-year treasury, which is the typical benchmark for most lending. Shortly after, the rate went almost as low as 50 basis points, the lowest in history. As the Pandemic started affecting markets, lending slowed down but not to a halt. He emphasizes that this is important because many people think that it has stopped. He explains that Tauro is important because they provide clients with the information to understand what is happening in the market.