Dealmaker: Tauro Capital Advisors Secures $21M for Triple-Net-Lease Assets

Tauro Wendy's

Tauro Capital Advisors very own Senior Director, Deryl Deese, arranged for a single and triple-net-lease developer to expand their portfolio by setting $15 million through new site acquisitions and development. This $15 million would create the opportunity to increase the sponsors’ liquidity by freeing up otherwise tied-up equity.

Managing Director Mathew Bucaro, secured $2.8 million in financing for an 11,000- square-foot CVS pharmacy. The sponsor was looking for funding with no pre-payment penalties for an upcoming sale of separate property.

Leading the Orange County office, Matt secured $1.3 million acquisition on a single-tenant retail property for a Wendy’s restaurant. Part of Tauro’s Orange County Office, Matt Ingle also secured a $1.4 million loan for a private investor on an 11,200-square-foot single-tenant Rite Aid location. Ingle was able to lock this in, priced at 3.9% with 53% LTV over a 25 – year amortization period.