2 Minutes – Tauro Takes Alaska

Jan Hood Associate Director | Capital Advisor

Capital Advisor, Jan Hood, gave a 2 Minutes presentation on Alaska. With deep commercial real estate ties to the region, she is Tauro’s first advisor to work the state. To celebrate that, she gave some fun facts and history on it. Jan is located nearly 3 days away from Tauro’s headquarters, but being in such a remote location, she is able to experience the beauty of nature with the northern lights for example. Alaska is 20% the size of the continental United States and with its islands could stretch from coast to coast. In 1867, it was purchased from Russian for just $7 Million and became a state in 1959. Jan herself moved there in 1993. There is very little actual land ownership in Alaska. There are 12 Alaska Regional Native Corporations and 174 Native Village Corporations. Jan helped kickstart CMBS loans in the state. To counteract an out migration, the state has many incentives to stay in the area. There are very few banks in the state, but it is grown from just the National Bank of Alaska.