2 Minutes – Parents Just Don’t Understand

Matt Mueller Tauro Capital Advisors Director

Matt Mueller, one of Tauro’s esteemed Capital Advisors, discusses how all problems in sales boil down to that of our parents. He explains how three lessons we were taught as children make the sales process even more challenging. First, he argues that how as children, we were told not to talk to strangers, and how every industry evidently challenges that narrative. Second, he illustrates how we were taught it was rude to interrupt people, and how now we may interrupt someone’s day when cold calling, or interrupt someone during a conference call to make a point. Lastly and most importantly, he describes how we were taught that it was rude to not answer questions. As Capital Advisors, it is periodically in your best interest to come up with questions as strategy to see where your client’s starting point is and how they would want to proceed.