2 Minutes – James Webb Telescope

Andy Sabherwal

In January 2022, Andy Sabherwal delivered a presentation on the James Webb Telescope, sharing his passion for astronomy and his fascination with space-related films. The Hubble Telescope, which has been operational for three decades, has certain limitations. However, the James Webb Telescope represents a significant advancement, promising superior image quality. Andy provided insights into its mechanics and construction, highlighting that although currently folded up, it will be considerably larger than the Hubble. Once launched, the telescope will be positioned approximately one million miles from Earth, enabling it to cover a hundred times more range than its predecessor. Notably, the James Webb Telescope will focus on capturing infrared light and will extensively monitor exoplanets for biosignatures, indicating the presence of elements similar to those found on Earth. This could eventually lead to sending probes to these identified exoplanets, possibly within the next 50 years.