2 Minutes – Drive to Survive

Juan Ramirez Tauro Capital Advisors Associate Director

Juan Ramirez, one of Tauro’s Closers, has become a devoted F1 fan thanks to the popular Netflix series “Drive to Survive.” During his 2Minutes presentation, Juan provides a comprehensive overview of the world of Formula 1. Here are some fun facts that you will learn by watching. He explains that each team in F1 consists of two drivers and that there are a total of 24 races in a season, with ten teams competing. Notable teams include Aston Martin, Mercedes, and Red Bull, among others. F1 cars are incredibly expensive, costing at least $20 million each, but to level the playing field, there is now a spending cap imposed on each team. They boast impressive acceleration, going from 0 to 60 mph in just two seconds, and have achieved a top speed of 231 mph. There is excitement surrounding F1’s arrival in Las Vegas this year, so mark your calendars.