2 Minutes – Chaos Theory and the Great Resignation

Harry Martirosyan Tauro Capital Advisors Managing Partner of Operations

In a 2 Minutes Presentation, Harry Martirosyan, the Director of Operations, delved into the concepts of chaos theory and the great resignation. Martirosyan highlighted how even the smallest change can have profound and far-reaching effects, drawing parallels to chaos theory. Specifically, he focused on the great resignation, which refers to the significant migration happening within the workforce. Towards the end of 2021, the job market witnessed an unprecedented number of job openings, prompting individuals to accept pay cuts in exchange for relocating to low-cost states. This paradigm shift has resulted in unforeseen growth, particularly with NNN Retailers expanding into these new markets. Consequently, Tauro is presented with a plethora of opportunities. While the great resignation may instill some fear, there are compelling reasons to adopt a positive outlook and embrace the potential it holds.