Single Tenant Industrial – Refinance

El Segundo, CA


Funding Purpose

Tauro was engaged to place a bridge loan for the recapitalization in El Segundo, CA.

Property Description

The single tenant industrial property is located near LAX where there is currently a shortage of adequate industrial properties.


The sponsor inherited 50% of this asset and planned to used the bridge loan to buy out the other owner and make improvements to the property.


  • Property ownership divided between prior owner’s children.
  • Current primary owner not well versed in industrial real estate.


  • Bridge funding secured through private bridge lender.
  • Sponsor able to take full ownership and start making capital improvements.


  • Funding Loan Amount (LVT): 65%
  • interest Rate: 9%
  • Pay Rate: 7.5%
  • Term: 1 year
  • Recourse: Carve Outs
  • Interest Only: 12 months

Senior Director  | Capital Advisor


Managing Director  | Capital Advisor