NNN Walgreens – Acquisition

Tempe, AZ


Funding Purpose

Tauro was engaged to place acquisition financing on a double-net, investment-grade asset.

Property Description

The asset is a single-tenant retail property located in Tempe, AZ. Walgreens has leased this property since 1998 and flourished through the pandemic.


Sponsors have a combined 30+ years of experience in commercial real estate ownership and development. They specialize in retail and multi-family.


  • Sponsors looking to invest in retail during unprecedented times with Covid restrictions


  • Funding secured with institutional bank
  • Great terms due to strength of corporate backing the sponsors


  • Loan Amount (LTV): 62.5%
  • Interest Rate: 3.89%
  • Amortization: 30 Y
  • Term: 7 Y
  • Recourse: Payment Guarantee
  • Prepayment: Step down

Co-founder  - President | Capital Markets Group