NNN Quick Quack Car Wash – Development

West, US


Funding Purpose

Tauro Capital Advisors, Inc. was engaged on an exclusive basis to place debt for the horizontal development of a Quick Quack Car Wash in the western US.

Property Description

The retail asset consists of 3,500 SF on 1.3 Acres. Quick Quack signed a 20-year NNN ground lease considering the proximity of the site to a large suburban area.


Sponsorship is a private firm specializing in commercial real estate development, investment, and syndication. The principal has completed 30 projects in 15 states.


  • Private tenant with no published financial information.
  • Market constraints reducing proceeds.


  • Tauro was able to source 100% LTC debt with a firm who did not require tenant financial review.
  • Tauro’s relationship with both the sponsor and lender provided maximum proceeds and a streamlined closing process.


  • Loan-to-Cost: 100%
  • Interest Rate: 12.5%
  • Amortization: Interest-Only
  • Term: 15 Months
  • Guarantees: Repayment guarantee burn-off
  • Close Date: 11/28/2023

Managing Director  | Capital Advisor