Multi-tenant Retail – Refinance/Cash Out

Eastern, US


Funding Purpose

  • Refinance and pull cash out for future business opportunity
  • Line of credit for extra cash when needed

Property Description

Burger King anchored 4 tenant retail center


The sponsor is an experience real estate investor with over 25 years of investment real estate experience.


  • Burger King anchor is a small franchisee
  • Short term leases of other tenants


  • Funding through a regional bank with terms that met the client’s expectations


  • Loan Amount (LTV): 50%
  • Interest Rate: 3.5% 
  • Amortization: 25 Y
  • Term: 7 Y
  • Recourse: Partial Recourse
  • Prepayment: No Prepay
  • Line of Credit: $350,000 at 3.75%

Senior Director  | Capital Advisor