Multi-Tenant Industrial Warehouse – Refinance

South, US


Funding Purpose

Tauro Capital Advisors was engaged on an exclusive basis to place a loan for the refinance of a multi-tenant industrial warehouse in the South Central U.S.

Property Description

The property is located in a major city submarket and is occupied by three tenants with recently executed leases in place.


The sponsor is an experienced CRE investor with a portfolio worth more than $10M.


  • Sponsors bought the property within the last year.
  • Appraisal came back half of estimated value using income approach.
  • Certain documents were not prepared in time to close.


  • Tauro utilized a lender relationship that was able to get up to 100% LTC / 50% LTV on a perm debt loan.
  • Tauro communicated with the lender to accept those documents post-close.


  • Loan Amount (LTV): 100% LTC and 50% LTV
  • Interest Rate: 6.75%
  • Amortization: 30 Years
  • Term: 4 Years
  • Prepayment: No Penalty

Senior Director  | Capital Advisor


Associate Director  | Capital Advisor