Mid Construction Mixed Use – Refinance

Long Beach, CA


Funding Purpose

Mid construction Refinance. The borrower had a bridge loan on the property and needed additional funds to finish the project. They were about 60% complete with construction and we were able to refi their current loan and provide them the remaining construction dollars needed to complete the project.

Property Description

36 residential units over 4 retail units in Long Beach. This was/is a for sale project.


A foreign investor/developer that had used EB5 equity to start the construction. Had three projects ongoing in California and two in Hawaii.


  • Having to do a cost review mid construction posed to be problematic, but the lender handled it with ease
  • Having EB5 equity made the structure a bit more difficult


  • Finding a lender who was family with this areaconstruction loans, and EB5 equity


  • Loan Amount (LTV) $12 million  
  • Interest Rate 8.75% 
  • Term – 24 Months 
  • Recourse – Recourse 
  • Interest Only  – 24 Months of interest only 

Managing Director  | Capital Advisor