Fractured Condominium – Cash Out Refinance

Ontario, CA


Funding Purpose

Refinance high interest rate $8 Million loan with superior terms and maximize cash-out, allowing sponsor to take advantage of market opportunities.

Property Description

Fractured condominium property that Sponsor controls HOA.


Experienced real estate investor who is seeking to expand his portfolio and create long term solutions for his capital needs.


  • Fractured Condominium
  • Cash out during COVID environment
  • Securing low-cost long-term debt
  • Non-Recourse request at high LTV


  • Worked with lender who had the knowledge and the experience in this product type
  • Client received $1 Million cash
  • 12 –year term, fixed interest rate


  • Loan Amount (LTV) $9.05 Million / 75%
  • Interest Rate 3.18%
  • Term 12 Years
  • Recourse Non Recourse
  • Authorization 30 Years

Director  | Capital Advisor