Dealmaker: Tauro Capital Advisors Secures $50M for Triple-Net-Lease Developers

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The single-tenant triple-net-leased product type is proving itself to be popular amongst investors due to its great profitability. Tauro Capital’s advisors Tony Festa and Stephen Stein weigh in on three recent high value closings they just worked on together and share their thoughts as to why they see the market shifting the way it is. As single-tenant triple-net lease options require much less hands-on management, it seems like an easy decision as to why someone would want to invest in something without the managerial aspect, so they can just watch their capital grow. This, however, is not a new tactic when facing an economic downturn, as a similar trend appeared in the 2008 economic crash where single-tenant net-leased properties continued to perform and seemed to have come out “unscathed.”