2 Minutes – Rewarding Positive Habits

Jack draws upon the analogy of his new golden retriever puppy, Prince, to convey the profound concept of habits. As he embarks on the journey of training Prince alongside his fiancé, Jack is constantly reminded of the power of habits in shaping our daily lives. Astonishingly, nearly half of our actions unfold as a result of ingrained habits rather than conscious choices. Some of these habits we actively seek to adopt, while others have been shaped by the environment. Understanding the mechanics of habit formation, Jack explains that the habit loop commences with a trigger or cue, followed by a specific behavior, and ultimately culminates in a reward. It is at this crucial juncture that many individuals falter – failing to remember the significance of rewarding oneself. Prince, however, serves as a delightful reminder of this often overlooked aspect, as Jack eagerly grants him treats whenever he performs admirably. In essence, if one yearns to forge a new habit, it is imperative to embrace positivity and extend oneself the much-deserved acknowledgment and encouragement.