2 Minutes – PBR

Ryan McDonough Tauro Capital Advisors Associate Director

During a presentation on Professional Bull Riding (PBR), Project Manager Ryan McDonough shared his awe-inspiring experience attending a PBR event at the Crypto.com arena. This encounter left a profound impact on him, leading him to draw a compelling analogy between the sport and Tauro. McDonough’s analogy highlighted the correlation between a rider’s unwavering determination in bull riding and the similar level of determination required to successfully close deals. Just as a rider demonstrates persistence and tenacity while taming a bucking bull, McDonough emphasized that we too should approach our professional endeavors with the same level of unwavering determination. On the other hand, he also recognized the importance of incorporating a touch of the bull’s spirit into our approach, encouraging us to embrace the right kind of audacity and boldness to achieve our desired outcomes. McDonough’s insightful presentation served as a reminder for individuals to strike a balance between resilience and calculated risk-taking, harnessing the qualities of both rider and bull in their pursuit of success.