2 Minutes – Map of Consciousness

“Power Vs. Force” by spiritual teacher and author David R. Hawkins made Tauro’s Capital Advisor Jennifer Santoso feel connected and aligned through his Map of Consciousness. David examines how the Map appears as a pyramid; the bottom reflects lower levels of being/human consciousness and as you progress, you reach higher levels of human consciousness. There are two main takeaways to the pyramid. One takeaway is that if you’re 199 or below, you live in a negative space and thus perform negative actions. Once you’re above 200 is when you live in a positive space and thus perform positive actions. The second takeaway is that most people top out just below 500 where intellectual capabilities are at their highest. However, these people tend to look down on love, joy, peace, and enlightenment as they are more concerned with reason and logic. At Tauro, we’re constantly networking with others, and it’s imperative to positively mold our relationships, and eventually see how our relationships benefit coming from a place of higher frequency level.