2 Minutes – Making the most of Lockdown

Alec Weinstock

On June 15th, 2021, the mask mandate was lifted in Los Angeles County. Tauro’s Analyst, Alec Weinstock, took the momentous occasion as an opportunity to reflect on the opportunity that the pandemic provided us with. This period in time forced us as a society to seriously consider our physical and mental health. This pandemic obviously wreaked havoc on our physical health, but lockdown had unintended consequences on most people’s mental health causing discussions to be had making most realize that they need to actively take care of themselves. Additionally, it gave most people more time to spend with family which had a beneficial effect on emotions. For Alec personally, it helped him improve on some skills like cooking. He thinks it’s important for everyone to remember to take care of themselves and to keep the skills you learned sharp so that you don’t lose them making the time on lockdown a waste.