2 Minutes – Know Your Worth

Tony Festa Tauro Capital Advisors Director

Managing Director, Tony Festa offered some words of encouragement for his 2 Minutes Presentation to the team. His main point was to keep anyone from feeling discouraged. When he began, it took him nearly a year to close a deal. What changed? He met with one of his professors from Pepperdine who said when you go to sell your services, sell me on what it is you do. Having been in the business longer than a newcomer, what can this newcomer offer, that an experienced investor could not? To answer that question, Tauro bulls need to be confident and sell the team backing them while letting the Sponsor know that they have the ability to make their deal their sole focus. An investor may be too busy to put all his time into a deal, so when it comes to financing, let Tauro take the reins and find you the best terms available.