2 Minutes – Know Your Niche

Andy Evans: responsibilities include transaction modeling, underwriting, and due diligence.

Director | Analyst, Andy Evans, gave his 2 Minutes on one of his favorite athletes, Steph Curry. He started with a video clip from a documentary series about the basketball player that really highlighted how he started out with Basketball. The Warriors star didn’t start out as a great player, but he excelled in his niche which was shooting. He knew his place on the team and utilized his skill to help his team go far. However, this wasn’t enough to land him an offer to play at a major university. However, a smaller university took a chance on him, and throughout the season, he did well because his coach placed a lot of trust in him. Having someone believe in him allowed him to excel. Over his college career, he put himself and his school on the map, but he still struggled to reach NBA status. Now he is known as the best shooter in history and is one of the most well-known players. This teaches us some important lessons to stay disciplined, believe in yourself, and know what your specialty is. Apply these lessons to your life, and you can go far too.