2 Minutes – Hedonic Treadmill

Mason Mitzner Tauro Capital Advisors Intern

Mason, Tauro’s 2021 Summer intern, recently learned about the concept of the “hedonic treadmill” in his behavioral economics class. It deals with how we perceive life and what we enjoy, despite the highs and lows we experience. Essentially, it suggests that we are the same person for most of our lives, and we tend to adapt to new circumstances quickly. He couldn’t help but think about how this idea relates to Tauro. Like the hedonic treadmill, Tauro overcomes obstacles and stays true to its mission, always focused on delivering value to its clients. At Tauro Capital Advisors, we are obsessed with our customers. We know that, with all that Tauro has to offer, focusing on the client goes hand in hand with success. And we are uniquely situated to make an impact in our industry by putting our clients first. By staying true to our mission, Tauro is sure to continue its success as a leader in the capital advisory sector.